Are you married?? Let me introduce you to the biggest thorn in my side 😉.

Twank, twink, twinks, twinkyyyyy, Nicholas Logan. Easily one of the easiest people to love. Never met a stranger, I don’t think he ever will.

I met good ole twank twank when I was in 8th or 9th grade. He’s •FIVE• years older than me. We HATED each other, then we became bestfriends and were kinda inseparable that is until we were separable. We lost touch for a few years. Then, we reconnected when I split up with Chloe’s dad. I didn’t know what to expect and let’s be honest, I wasn’t looking for anyone for real. I had a baby to take care of and I wasn’t expecting anyone to help me. I guess I was really looking for someone to hang out with when she was at her dads house. Twink liked to party and I wasn’t that person. I know, if you know me you’re probably thinking 🤔 what?? That’s a lie. Back then, it wasn’t. That really wasn’t a lifestyle I was exposed to until I was older. LESLIE didn’t play with us and all Joey had to do was call that cellphone. So back to my story, I fell in love with my Bestfriend. If you knew me when Nick & I first got together, I was so high maintenance but I was going through such a war with myself I honestly believe I was in one of the hardest seasons of my life. We reconnected on TINDER. hahaha, I know, I know. I swiped *RIGHT* to tell him to update his pictures cause they was ROUGH. He messaged me and I found myself smiling like an idiot at my phone talking to him. I ended up meeting him when he got off one night at McDonald’s parking lot and we talked for hours about how life was. Just like that it felt like we had never lost touch… he ended up telling me he wasn’t looking to start dating anybody before he got out of my car, he just wanted to hang out. Then, proceeded to kiss me ( what a jerk 😂.) he also never stopped blowing up my phone and even emailing me after that … it took a few months for me to let him meet Chloe. I actually ended up letting our friend Jeremy meet her first. I remember we went to Newnan shopping when I first let Chloe meet Nick and I was sooo nervous. When he got in my car I just knew we weren’t gonna work out because she CRIED, & she told him to get out 😂😂. By the end of that evening they loved each other and she didn’t want me pushing her stroller anymore, she wanted twinkle. Fast forward to the next Christmas, we had pretty much moved into our parents house together. We had family Christmas with his moms side of the family & I knew the vibe was kinda off, like everyone had been staring at me & I had no idea why. He was so nervous. His brother finally pushed him into the den, then missed the whole engagement LOL. Nick got down on one knee and all he could say was marry me. I was in shock yall. But of course, I said YES! We got married a year later. In the church his grandparents attended, the church that his parents got married in, as well as his aunt & uncle. I never had intentions of getting married in church, I looked and looked at venues, nothing was more perfect than when I walked through the church doors and visioned myself walking down the aisle.

I’m not gonna say marriage is easy. It’s not at all, I was so use to being independent and doing whatever I wanted without letting anybody know.. let’s all take a moment to laugh at that concept now.

We have been through so many trials and tribulations since we’ve been married. We argue and we fuss, who doesn’t. We’ve experienced loss, fertility problems ( ill get to that topic another day. ), loss of friends, we’ve had the real heart to hearts, we’ve been through so much and I’m so thankful to have experienced all of this with my husband. The one person I know that god hand picked for me.

Girls, let’s get real. Before Nick & I got together, I had been with someone for Five years. We had been engaged, then we broke it off. Sometimes, you aren’t made for that man in that relationship that’s going no where. I wouldn’t trade the relationship I had before Nick though. If I did I would have never had Chloe. Yes I *gasp* had her out of wedlock. My advice to you, is if you have to beg for an engagement ring, leave. If you’re not happy, don’t stay. Don’t end up hating that boy. Chloe’s dad and I ended up hating each other for a while and guess what it’s only toxic for your child. Find someone who loves you, & if you have kids, find someone who loves them too! Don’t give your child any less attention because of a man. Don’t stay in a relationship where you’re not happy for your child either. My child’s father and I eventually became back friends. Him & Nick get along and it’s a healthy environment for my child to be in. That’s the beauty of ✨co-parenting✨.

There’s someone out there for you. There’s someone who thinks you hung the moon & help the sun rise during the day. God made someone for you to be happy with for you to grow a legacy, for you to build a future with. Don’t fight god on that. Don’t stop til you find that person god created for you.

I encourage everyone to find there Nicholas Logan. Find someone who holds you when you need to cry, who goes to work so that you can have the best of the best. Who encourages you to follow all of your dreams. Find your someone who keeps you humble. Or you keep them humble. Don’t settle for anything less than your own perfect person that god created for you.

As always, remember, I love you & Jesus does too!