I have a lot of people ask me, how does your relationship flow so gracefully?

Be friends before you jump into a relationship. Nick and I originally met over 10 years ago through mutual friends, on “the porch” at my grandmothers.

I still vividly remember that day, being 14 years old, my cousins and their friends came over and I was sitting on the porch by myself, they all came up and Ali said, this is Twink. And then they all went inside except for him.. I gave him the most evil stare he’s ever received, if you ask him.. But in my defense I was trying to read him & decide if I was gonna like him or not… He seemed arrogant. So, as bratty as I was, nope couldn’t stand him.

I don’t remember seeing him much after that, but if I did it was definitely at Ali’s house. & we always ended up wrestling… because looking back I apparently wasn’t as girly as I thought 😂. It’s fine we can all laugh, it’s funny!

I do remember having a party in my grandmothers back yard that summer after turning 15 & he showed up.. I remember being drunk off *screw drivers* we had a tent set up in the back yard, & I remember laying in that tent having probably the longest heart to heart with this man I couldn’t stand that night. After that, I remember constantly being together. I’m talking ride or die. Always only one phone call away, or he would just show up and knock on the door with food..

We always had bad timing, as in he would try to flirt with me, and it would go over my head… or I’d flirt with him & it’d go over his head.. we still laugh at each other about this all the time… well, I eventually started dating someone, we went our separate ways.. about 5 years later, I was a single mama, living with my brother. I got on tinder, and nick and I matched… yes that nasty raunchy dating app called TINDER 😂😂.. I swiped right to tell him if he wanted to pull girls he needed to change his pictures.. I honestly wasn’t looking for anything.. I had just gotten out of a five year relationship, & I had a 2 year old..

Nick messaged me and I immediately found myself grinning like a fool. He worked 2nd shift & he told me he’d take me to get icecream from McDonald’s one night when he got off to just catch up.. I ended up staying out til like 3 am that Wednesday.. I remember he told me right before he got out of my car, my old ratty auburn T-shirt was ugly, & he just wanted to be friends.. I agreed and then he leaned in and kissed me.. I wanna say the rest was history buttttt 😂

I ended up backing off and ghosting him.. see not long after we started “talking” my cousin Matthew passed away.. As if I wasn’t already going through a rough time in my life, I felt like I had truly hit rock bottom.. he was persistent and I was hard headed.. I wanna also say he was my knight in shining armor for coming to pick me up out of Lagrange after I was drunk and hadn’t talked to him in a few weeks but honestly he was my saving Grace and I was just a drunk girl in an apple bees 😂.

After that night, I think we’ve been inseparable since… 4 years later we’re married. I can honestly say, he truly loves me.. I feel that love everyday, he does whatever he can to make sure Chloe & I are taken care of. He holds me when I’m overwhelmed. He helps me through my anxiety..

Girls, don’t settle.. Find someone who loves you for you.. Find someone who makes you feel like you are the most beautiful woman in the room. Find someone who will set alarms to get you up when you’ve just had surgery.. Find someone who will run you a hot bath after a long shift and sit at the edge of the tub and wash your back.. Find someone who will stand you in the shower and wash your hair when your mental health is shit. Find someone who makes you feel happiness when you don’t think anybody in the world can stand you. Find someone who will dance in the middle of the kitchen with you after you’ve had a long day.

Don’t let me lie to you though, we aren’t perfect.. sometimes we argue.. sometimes, I want to strangle him.. I know sometimes he wants to strangle me as well.. we get angry with each other and then we sit down and talk it out..

I look at Nick all the time and thank God for him.. I truly believe that God made him for me. & I am so thankful to have met him over 10 years ago. It’s weird but it’s hard to remember life before I met him.. looking back at some of my favorite memories, he’s always in them. I believe that God knew we needed to go separate ways before ending up together, or we wouldn’t have worked.

So my loves, I’m not joking when I say marry your Bestfriend. Fall madly and deeply in love with your Bestfriend.