I love this song so much, because lately it’s been given a new meaning.

“ Kinda broke my heart moving out of state
Kinda made me scared I would be replaced
But I didn’t know how much I would hate
Being far away”

Many of you don’t know, but I have a younger sister. I met her a few weeks ago, she’s the absolute best & it was like looking in a mirror when we met. I hadn’t seen her in 14 years, I hadn’t touched her since she was two weeks old. It was an absolute dream.. Goodbyes are HARD, especially when you don’t know when you’ll see them again..

That following Monday, I was going down the road and “call your sister, by Taylor Edwards” came on. It was literally my life, everything I wanted to tell my sister.

It’s been three weeks, & man, I miss her. We Snapchat everyday, but I can’t wait til we can sit across from each other in the same room again.

I hate being 8 hours away, because there are times, I wish more than anything I could just call her and say hey I’m going to the store wanna ride with me? Or hey! Wanna spend the night at my house?

I hope one day we get there, but I know how it is being a 14 year old girl. So for now, I’ll get excited when she Snapchat’s me random things about her day & looks forward to seeing my reaction back.

I’ll count the days til I see her again, because it’s been a long time coming. I’m so blessed to have this opportunity. 💖✨