when you hear the word ✨Friendship✨ what do you think of? Who do you think of? Do you think of your old childhood friends? Do you think of your high school group of friends? Do you think of the friends you’ve made since you’ve became an adult?

When I hear friendship, my mind automatically thinks of one person. That one person happens to be all of those “friends” I listed above. Being an adult is weird, it’s also hard. Like some days I feel like an adult but some days I wonder what am I actually doing? Also, why do some adults seem more like an actual adult than others?
Did you know you OUTGROW people? Yeah, it’s a thing. The one person, I’m thinking of when I hear the word friendship, we’ve outgrown each other a few times. We always find each other again. I’m about to blow some peoples minds… did you also know you can live THOUSANDS of miles from each other and still be friends, or in our case you’ve been friends so long that they are family.

Life has been so weird this past year.. experiencing loss, quarantine, a global pandemic, fighting depression, having anxiety, being unemployed, and raising a child.. I’ve found myself TIRED. I’ve not seen Brooklyn while she’s been in town this past year, which sucks. But, that’s okay because sometimes we go months without talking to each other and sometimes we text everyday for a while.. it’s funny because I know that we are both in different seasons of life.

She has a ✨ THRIVING ✨ business that keeps growing! 2 sassy little girls, & is married to a man that absolutely worships her! I’m a stay at home mom/wife, who does my best to just get laundry done and dinner cooked some days 😂.. That doesn’t mean we aren’t cheering each other on from afar! I’ll be the first to admit, our friendship hasn’t been the easiest, there have been long nights, there have been tears, celebration, pregnancy, and there’s been a lot of hugs and forgiveness!

As you get older, it’s not about outdoing each other. It’s about finding someone you know is constantly keeping you and your family in their prayers. Prayers for your health, your success, & your future. It’s also about finding someone who you know is always gonna be there no matter what. So, as I end this, I encourage everyone to find their Brooklyn. Find someone who CHALLENGES you to grow. Someone who ENCOURAGES you to take that step in the right direction. Find someone that you find yourself bragging on to your husband. & finally, find someone that loves you through all of your seasons, good and bad.

Goodnight peeps and love to you all. ✌🏻