As I stood in my kitchen, listening to music a song came on. God there is nothing better than you. WOW. My heart has been so heavy. This is exactly what I needed to hear!

Turn whatever you need to let go of to god. See how far you get! That mountain you’ve been climbing that’s been such a struggle, gods gonna turn that into a grain of sand.

The things you are going through right now are no mistake. God wrote your story, he knows that this is only a bump in the road. Sis, you gone get through it! It’s your testimony. It’s a trial to get you to the ultimate outcome.

I’m not here to judge you, I’m here to pray for you. Pray you open your mind. Pray you call upon god. Pray you get through that struggle , that heart break that you are going through.

Romans 5:8, I have loved you at your darkest. This has been something I’ve found myself writing on my social media platforms, around my house, saying to myself because GOD has set it in my heart to believe I’m more than enough, I’m clothed in strength. I’m good enough to spread his WORD. God has seen me at my darkest. GUESS WHAT??? He still loved me. He knew I wouldn’t surrender to the devil, he knew o was stronger than I even thought.

If you have made it this far , let me pray for you. Lord, please place your arms around this individual reading this. Let them get out of that dark place. Lord, let them know that they are loved, let them feel the presence of you. God let them confess sin to you, come to know what a great person you are, how easy it is to serve you lord. Let this individual get through whatever they are going through. In Jesus name, amen.

Remember my loves, I love you & so does Jesus. ✨♥️✨