This phase of life is weird, it’s difficult, it’s constantly changing.

This phase of life I’m in, this season… I no longer want to sit at tables that serve no purpose to me. I no longer want to be around people who sit and talk about me. I no longer want to let people’s opinions about me bother me..

There’s always gonna be that one person, who is gonna constantly talk down on you. Let them go. It doesn’t matter if they are family, or a friend. Let them go, you will feel so much more free.

I feel like I’ve become a lot more reserved this past month… like I’d rather be at home, I’d rather have a home cooked meal, I’d rather make sure my family is content. The house is clean. Chloes tucked in. The dogs are fed. I have a checklist in my head that I’m constantly going through.. making sure things are checked off..

This phase or season of life, I asked god to take out all of those toxic family members and friends.. I no longer want to be associated with them. Those tables I used to beg to sit at, serve me no purpose anymore.

I’m about to sound very cliche but I’m not afraid to burn bridges anymore, I can swim. Meaning, those people I thought I would die without… look I’m still here, I’m still breathing.

This phase of life is all about self love. I no longer care to explain myself to others, if you are affecting my mental health, good riddance. I CANNOT stress enough that your mental health is so so much more important than anything else. that means to put YOURSELF first if you have to. Those people that get upset about that, those aren’t your people. My best advice to anyone: love yourself first. I spent years hating myself, hating who I was looking at in the mirror. Letting depression win.. self love is the greatest gift one can give themselves..

This phase of life, I’m gonna “wing it”. I’m not gonna beg to set at tables that serve no purpose to me. I’m gonna try to go with the flow, even though I love to have things planned out. This phase of life, I’m learning more about myself that ever. I’m learning how to be graceful, to just breath.

This phase of life, is busy. Man, is it busy. I woke up this morning and realized just how fast life passes by. School is hard, some days are overwhelming. I love this phase of life the most, because this phase of life is finding out just what life is all about. This phase of life has already begun with lots of joy and prayers.