It’s been a few months since I launched my blog.. A LOT has changed in these past few months!

I turned 25.. I started college AGAIN. I did a lot of soul searching and changed a lot. I started a new job that I absolutely love and was something I didn’t know I would enjoy doing. So, here we go! Here’s my advice to you. Here’s an introduction to the new me..

I didn’t know if 25 was gonna be my year.. To be honest, I was kind of nervous to turn 25.. I knew birthdays aren’t as exciting after you turn 21, but I just knew 25 was going to be dreadful. I turned 25, and I finally feel like I have found myself. I had been praying for god to change my life around. Make me a better person, more graceful, etc. I am that person more than ever. I cut back on drinking, but I still can throw them back with the best of them, but I don’t find joy in going out and getting black out drunk like I was doing. I find joy in spending my weekends at home, usually on the couch with my sweet little family, or you can usually find me at my brothers house on his couch or at his kitchen table.

Family, I cannot say this enough has been hands down my biggest accomplishment this year. My relationship with my siblings has grown so much. I literally talk to my sister every day. I am so far with how far we’ve came in our relationship this year. I love watching our kids growing up together and creating bonds that will last forever.

School, I started school about a month ago. I really enjoy learning everything so far.. It’s been so rewarding finding a college that is so supportive and a total 360 from the college I was originally going to. I am currently enrolled to obtain my bachelor of science in human sciences with an emphasis on trauma. I plan on graduating in 2023, and I am so excited to see where my future takes me. I’m still debating on going and getting my masters degree but I am taking it one day at a time thus far.

I started a new job in February, I have been there almost two months. I genuinely find my job so rewarding and I enjoy getting up each morning and going to work. I feel like my coworkers have become family and that I have finally found my place in my career. I plan to stay at my job after I graduate, BUT I’m not going to let you guys in on that secret of what I plan to do with my degree, just yet. Just know, that if my plans and prayers work out, I will be literally living out my dreams and doing what I love doing.

Chloe started gymnastics yesterday, April 12. It is something she has wanted to do for a while. Especially, since Savannah started doing it. She genuinely, enjoys it. I look forward to seeing how far up she can go. I’m still a little jealous that I never did gymnastics when I was younger because those girls make it look so much fun.

I found God again, yep. You read that right. I had started living for the world so much that I had lost my way. I’m not saying that you have to start going to church every time the doors open. I’m still a ways away from that at this point, but I do try to catch a online service on Sunday… I think when I started this blog, I was really at a bad part in my life. I didn’t know who I wanted to be anymore. I was going through so many trials, but GOD was telling me that it would all be worth it. God spoke to me and told me to start this blog. I was scared to death, but I did it. I don’t make money sharing my thoughts and personal life with you all, but I think some day I will venture out and try that. I’m just having fun at this point. Speaking of, what would you guys like to read about? God has changed my life in so many ways just this past month. I cannot begin to imagine what doors he will open for my little family and I, in the future.

If you have read all the way to this point, let me know, what you look forward to seeing and reading about in the future. I look forward to everyones input.

Now, let us pray.

Dear lord,

Thank you for carrying me this far in life. I’m so glad that I found my love for you again. I’m so thankful for the changes you have made in my life so far. Lord, whoever is reading this, I hope that if they are living a reckless life, they find you. I hope they find joy in seeking you and becoming obedient to you, lord. Lord, I pray for the people who are going through things that they don’t want to speak on, I pray you heal their broken hearts. I pray for the people who are still out living for the world, that they find the greatness of you soon. Lord, I pray that the ones suffering find peace soon.

In Jesus name, Amen.

I love you guys. Again, I want to thank you all for the support you all have shown me this far.