This season of life, lord knows has been difficult and overwhelming. This season of life is challenging but I know God is going to make it worth it.

This season of life is about sobriety to me. I wanna be as sober as can be. Which if you know me, you know is an everyday challenge. I like to drink, everybody knows I love alcohol. This season though, I’m gonna do my best to not touch it.. or at least not as much. I wanna remember this season. I wanna be more present even when my mental illnesses tell me different.

This season, I wanna be more prepared. I wanna make more memories, I wanna laugh more, I wanna experience more. I wanna be more successful.

I wanna laugh in a few years when I look back at all of my worrying and feel accomplished because I busted my ass to get where I’m at.

I finally started classes that are actually about my degree and whew, I have learned so much about myself in just the past week.

The devil has also been on me the past two weeks, we started going to church.. last week we missed church because I fell back asleep when I thought I hit the snooze button on my phone.. this week I haven’t been able to work at my second job and I won’t be able to go to church because someone exposed me to covid.. I can’t see my child because of this.. I am going to rebuke the evil that is present in my life. I know this trying time is going to make me so much closer to God.

This season of life man is it hard. I’m trying to not be so negative.. The plans I keep making something happens with them, god isn’t letting them happen at the moment. God has something big planned for me but he is making me wait on it, he’s making me pray harder than I ever have, he’s making me trust him and his process.

This season of life, I cannot wait to see the outcome. I cannot wait to see my accomplishments. This is gonna be the best season, and I am gonna come out at the top.