I’ve seen the little saying “I kept my baby”.. and it hits home a little bit more every time. I just posted a picture of me a Chloe from a few weeks ago, saying how I couldn’t believe she was about to be seven. & the saying I kept my baby, kept popping up in my thoughts.

I kept my baby, when I was 18 and a senior in high school.

I kept my baby when I was trying to go to school and start my career.

I kept my baby, even when people looked at me in disgust because I was a pregnant teenager.

I kept my baby, even when I knew a lot of people around town talked about me.

I was that “statistic”. I was that “teen mom”. And I honestly thank God, everyday that I was. I was scared, but I had a damn good support system. God also taught me a lesson about myself. I was so obnoxious, and self centered before I had a baby. I had honestly never wanted kids, & *BOOM* God showed me. God showed me a love I’ve never felt before. God showed me patience, I needed to survive. & God showed me a meaning to life I never knew before.

I felt lead by God to make this post. Somebody out there needs it. They need that sign, to keep that baby. So, if you’re reading this and it’s YOU who needs that sign, keep that baby. That baby is going to open new windows, that baby is going to teach you a love you have never felt before. That baby is going to show teach you lesson, you didn’t know you needed. If you’re scared because you don’t have a good support system, call me. Call me anytime of the day or night, I will be your support system. Please just keep that sweet precious baby. ♥️♥️